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The Romance of Ayrshire

22Under Scottish law, couples from anywhere in the world can get married in Scotland without having to be residents. And if you’re ever down in Ayrshire- Scotland’s very own Elysium- with your significant other, you will appreciate just how befitting it is. Bask in the green-gold splendour of a land so beautiful that it’s easy to believe it, even now, to be the home of faeries. Rediscover the meaning of romance and dreams within the centuries-old walls of its hauntingly beautiful manors and castles. And fall in love all over again.

In a land as beautifully unreal as a tapestry woven on the loom of dreams, no affianced couple would wish to wait till an uncertain future to exchange rings and lives. Consider the Kelburn Castle of Fairlie. Set in a panorama of lush woodlands and rolling glens, Kelburn is a wonderland of cascading waterfalls, exquisite pleasure gardens and even its very own pagoda, all guarded by the watchful eyes of a lordly castle. The marriage is conducted in the majestic splendour of its eighteenth century drawing room, or the sheltered intimacy of its private gardens, the ‘Plaisance’. The wedding party is given access to all of the grounds for the day, and a more magical backdrop to the magical event could not be asked for.

Or take the Glenapp Castle Hotel of Ballantrae. The battlemented walls and pennants take you back to a day and age when chivalry was yet alive, when every lover was a knight and his lady a princess. Added to this antique charm are all the luxuries that only a five star Relais & Châteaux hotel of the 21st century can provide- the best, in other words, of both worlds. Glenapp Castle hosts weddings on an exclusive basis, giving the wedding party of up to thirty-four guests exclusive occupancy of the castle and grounds. From there, all that awaits you is a vision of perfection… from the thirty-six acres of immaculate gardens to the Irish Sea and Island of Arran, and the magical Fairy Rock-the Ailsa Craig. A place as far removed from the noisome cares of everyday life as the middle heavens from the lower earth. A place to make one feel that their marriage was, truly, sanctified beyond the earthy confines of the common world.

Ayrshire offers you more than just beauty on your wedding day. It offers to make the day timeless and unforgettable, in the way it should be, in the way that everyone in this world wishes it ought to be. So come to Ayrshire and know it for yourself. And experience that magical moment of eternity that lives on long, long after it has ceased to be. Image source: Flickr

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